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StaffSync uses the latest push notification technology to help you find and manage your relievers, then supports you in your administration and reporting requirements.

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For Schools - What We Offer

No More Phone Calls

No more 6am phone calls to hunt down relievers.

Reliever Availability

Only notify relievers that are available to work when required.

Manage Relievers

Manage your own lists of preferred relievers, set up groups for easy management and quick notifications.

Run out of options?

Notify other relievers in your area if your own relievers aren't available.

Home Screen

All your staff can access StaffSync directly either online or through our App.

Reliever Groups

Set up as many favoutites, or groups of relievers, then use these groups to quickly notify the right teachers of jobs available.

Publish a Job

Quickly enter your job details and notify your preferred relievers, or alternatively all available relievers in your area.

Manage your Profile

Setup as little or much information as your jobs require to assist with your own management and reporting requirements.


See jobs posted by all your teachers on a single calendar, and keep track of which jobs are filled and which remain outstanding.

Job Views

See in simple views your current jobs and completed jobs, and always be able to view full details of who responded and worked for you.

Vulnerable Childrens Act

The system captures key information such as Teacher registration numbers, Ministry of Education numbers and expiration dates etc, to ensure that your relievers comply with Vulnerable Children Regulations, and you can access this information in an audit.


StaffSync automates reporting on your relievers, and on key absence information for your staff, and the amount and types of leave being taken.


For Relief Teachers - What We Offer

No More Phone Calls

No more 6am phone calls asking you to work.

Manage Your Availability

If you aren't well, or aren't available to work - you won't be asked to!

Push Notifications

Receive requests to work directly to your phone, where you can accept or decline.

Work at Other Schools

Express interest to work at schools you haven't worked at, or make yourself available for work in specific towns/suburbs.

Home Screen

Access StaffSync either online or through our App.

Setup Your Profile

Provide details about your qualifications, and upload a CV or references for other schools to view.

Your Work Preferences

Manage where you are available for work, or express interest to work at schools you haven't worked at.


As a reliever keep your calendar up to date, and you will only be contacted on the days you are available.

Need some help??

If you need a bit of extra help getting started, please visit the StaffSync YouTube channel.

It contains a number of helpful video tutorials showing you how to install the StaffSync app, on either your Android or Apple device, and if you are a reliever, there is a video explaining how to set up for profile for the first time.

Please check them out, and if you still have any questions, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out.


“The relievers have seemed to pick up the system really well and the teachers are doing a good job too. I am loving the system! So simple and efficient to use.”
Westburn School - Christchurch

“I have found this app to have made a huge difference in the respect that I no longer have to made so many calls to find one reliever. This must be a huge cost saving to the company because I myself in the morning could have been phoning up to 10 - 15 relievers on their cell phones so I am sure this would have been happening at other center’s also.

I find my time is not taken up trying to find relievers during the day, in the morning at home, at night at home and in the weekend. I have happier family members who get more of my time because it takes a few seconds to put a request through so I am more available to them.

Also you get relievers who actually want to work, because the ones who don't just don't have to respond.
So thank you for implementing this time saving and I would say cost saving app.”

Kindercare Early Childhood Centre - Christchurch

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